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FPS Resita stone pentagons
FPS Resita stone and FBS Xania
FPS Resita stone random length
City of London, 2019
Corporate client, private 

We worked with a renown London Architectural firm on the development of this new office space in the heart of London's financial district. Our FBS Resita stone was selected by the project architects and has been specified to fill the open space that gives access to the building. Patterned into a characteristic pentagon design, tailored to the monumental space, the slabs were strategically placed forming a large hexagonal shape.  Each slab has been handpicked and tested by our team from a total selection of 7,500sqm of Resita stone.


An undoubted protagonist of the space is the eleven meters long marble desk featuring white diagonal veins. The overall effect is a reflection of the dynamism distinctive of the area, brought in through the combination of form and texture, a contemplation of the energic atmosphere of this part of London. The same textures have been carried through the rest of the building combining two stones cut at random lengths; FBS Resita and FBS Lein Eskimo. This allows for cost-effective use of the stone and fills the space with structural dynamism.

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