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In Situ can provide a large variety of specialist services, tailoring them to the needs and requirements of our clients. Whether a straightforward supply contract, an intricate design specification, one-off bespoke design or colours to match a heritage façade, our ability to exceed client expectations is unrivalled. Our staff are equipped to offer a hands-on approach from the outset, advising and supporting at the conception stage, or can simply be brought into the project as and when required.


Whatever the project, materials should never dictate the design of a project; rather the most appropriate materials should be selected to provide the most effective solution. In Situ’s core stones and ceramics are created with traditional methods from around the world, with others being creating in-house with bespoke designs, with quality and client needs at the forefront of our thinking. In Situ ensure quality control is achieved and surpassed, with quality testing taking place throughout the production process; from calibrated sizes and thickness to strength and colour.


After manufacturing it is equally important to ensure that packaging and transportation are appropriate considering the nature of the materials - with great care being taken in selecting the correct packaging, palletizing and transportation options. In Situ constantly monitor progress of all deliveries to ensure construction schedules are met.


The expert services offered by In Situ can be categorized by the main sectors which are serviced by the company. These include, but are not restricted to, Leisure, Heritage, Corporate, Transport, Retail and Residential.


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