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Though regularly catering for large contracts, tooling by hand is still important and preparing dies for clay extrusion or working a block to form an intricate carve detail can often only be achieved by an artisan breathing life into the piece. Our team includes skilled craftsmen, research and development technicians, mechanics and model consultants to cover every stage of the production process.


The Fiori ranges of stone, ceramic or mosaic, include soft, natural warm colours with complementary bolds for every application, from heritage sites to galleries and airports. Glazed bricks, brick slips or glazed tiles can also be produced in a wide spectrum of colours, with or without a shade variation, within traditional or modern ambience.


Reproducing ceramic, terracotta or stone to look the same as original pieces in shape, age, colour and size are just some of the challenges faced by our technicians in the replication process. Other essential factors to be taken into account are, of course budget and performance qualities of each produced item. We also produce individual ranges to be packaged and marketed under any identity on a global basis.


Our experienced sculptors are available where machined replication is not feasible or desirable and only a drawing can be provided, and our craftsmen can also assist with layout plans whilst working to your original design and will prepare the drawings so that they can be electronically issued to any destination.

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