The British Library

At the New British Library our services extended to working with the client to conduct tests for suitable maintenance systems for the hard flooring used throughout the facility. The client was mystified as to why surfaces that had been around for hundreds of years looked fine, while new surfaces often stained and appeared dirty. The tests on various maintenance systems revealed that there is no ideal signle sealer available that will keep surfaces immaculate and free from grime in all circumstances; old floors had just got dirty over time and had ages gracefully. In this day and age when all manner of compounds can be found in food and drink, in the air and on shoes, clients wanted the floors to look pristine all of the time, which would be achieved most of the time with special sealers but this would highlight the contrast between a clean floor and a 'stain' that managed to penetrate through it.

We also supplied Fiori Urban Tiles for the restaurant floor area all specially calibrated in three sizes offering ease of application and forming a self-patterned design.